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Surfactant-enhanced ultrasonic extraction of polymer substances from remaining sludge sodium laureth sulfate

Wastewater resource usage is the future advancement instructions of sewer treatment and is also an inescapable need for lasting human growth. Raw material drawn out from sewage or sludge, such as minerals and phospholipids, can be used as printing and coloring resources, key adsorbents, and biological flocculants. It is used in water therapy, agriculture, gardening, the paper industry, medical care, the building and construction market, and other areas and has great relevance. Recycling worth.


There are many types of bacteria in the continuing to be sludge. For that reason, the compounds drawn out from it needs to be a combination of various polymer compounds. Whether they are intracellular or extracellular polymer materials, they all have normal energetic teams, such as carboxyl, hydroxyl, and phosphate. Teams and various other functional teams. The existence of these teams permits the extracted polymer materials to be utilized as hefty metal ion adsorbents.

As a clean therapy modern technology, ultrasonic waves do not call for the enhancement of chemicals throughout the activity and will not create secondary contamination. Ultrasonic waves can disperse flocs in the water phase, and the cavitation result can break big bits into little bits. Ultrasound is an energy-intensive treatment approach, and its largest disadvantage is its high energy consumption, which restricts the possibility of sensible applications. Surfactant has a solubilizing effect, which can clean off healthy proteins on the cell membrane layer, increase the permeability of the cell membrane by impacting the osmotic pressure, and magnify the damages to the sludge floc. Furthermore, surfactant activity can promote the extraction of EPS from staying sludge, transform the cell framework, and impact sludge properties.

Surfactant-enhanced ultrasonic techniques can be utilized to draw out natural polymer products and as a pretreatment approach to decrease energy usage. The increase in the extraction quantity of PSs from the continuing to be sludge under the activity of surfactant-enhanced ultrasound is because of the launch of raw material due to floc disintegration and cell dissolution.


First, surfactants, such as anionic (such as salt dodecyl sulfate, SDS) and cationic (such as cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, CTAB), are made use of to enhance the partnership between sludge and polymer compounds. Interactions in between. They can reduce the surface area tension of sludge, making it less complicated for polymer materials to divide from sludge.

Subsequently, ultrasound is presented to boost the removal effect further. The solid resonance and shock waves produced by ultrasonic waves can destroy the framework of sludge and tear cell walls, thereby releasing more polymer substances. Additionally, ultrasound can likewise promote the communication between surfactants and polymer compounds, making the removal procedure more efficient.

During the extraction process, it is additionally essential to maximize the experimental specifications, such as the frequency, power, and action time of ultrasonic waves, to attain the most effective extraction effect.


Generally, surfactant-enhanced ultrasonic removal of polymer substances in recurring sludge is an effective and ingenious technique. It not only improves removal performance yet likewise helps increase the extent of source use of remaining sludge, offering new opportunities for the development of sewage therapy and source healing fields. However, the practical application of this approach needs more research study and optimization to address feasible technical difficulties and economic issues.


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    Application of foam concrete and animal protein foaming agent synthetic antifoaming agent is

    Applications of foam concrete

    As a result of its good attributes, foam concrete is commonly utilized in energy-saving wall materials and has likewise been utilized in other elements. Currently, the primary applications of foam concrete in my nation are cast-in-place foam concrete insulation layers for roofings, foam concrete face obstructs, foam concrete, light-weight wall panels, and foam concrete settlement foundations. Nonetheless, making full use the great qualities of foam concrete can constantly expand its application areas in construction jobs, accelerate job progress, and enhance project quality, as follows:

    1. It will certainly change foam plastic and become the biggest thermal insulation material in structure insulation.

    Foam concrete is economical and has readily available raw materials. It can be quickly cast in place and made right into various items. At the same time, it has fire resistance, sound insulation, earthquake resistance, and climate resistance. It is the best choice to replace foam plastics. Appropriate products.

    2. Foam concrete cast-in-place wall surface

    The almost all of building insulation is the outside wall, and the main part of building sound insulation is the indoor wall. Foam concrete can be used for cast-in-place exterior wall surfaces to accomplish self-insulation and self-absorption. It has benefits in both interior and exterior wall surface applications.

    (foaming concrete)

    3. Foam concrete outside wall insulation board

    Foam concrete exterior wall insulation board refers to an insulation board fixed on the outside wall surface by pasting or dry-hanging innovation. Considering that this sort of insulation board has been efficiently used in Sichuan, Gansu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and other locations, it is ready to replace the foamed polystyrene board for external wall surface insulation thin plastering system or exterior wall surface interior insulation slim gluing system.

    4. Foam concrete outside wall surface self-insulating wall panels

    This sort of wall surface panel consists of foam concrete composite wall panels with a facing layer or protective layer on one side and foam concrete sandwich wall panels with an encountering layer or safety layer on both sides. This type of wall panel can recognize self-insulation of the exterior wall surface. It does not need additional insulation therapy after installation and has exceptional fire protection, toughness, and audio insulation residential properties.

    5. Foam concrete integrated real estate

    Integrated housing is an international development pattern, and foam concrete self-insulating integrated real estate is a development hotspot. Nowadays, several residential business are concentrating on developing this type of self-insulated prefabricated homes.


    6. Foam concrete blocks, ceramsite blocks, and autoclaved blocks

    Foam concrete blocks have always been the initial essential item that all celebrations in China are keen on. At present, domestic ventures have actually transformed to the research and development of ceramsite foam cinder block and autoclaved foam concrete blocks. These 2 types of foundation are the instructions of advancement. Most foreign companies make use of autoclaving. The previous Soviet Union utilized the all-natural healing process in the 1930s. As a result of low strength, poor frost resistance, and huge drying out contraction, it changed to the autoclaving process in the 1940s. Ceramsite foam concrete blocks are a technology in our country with sophisticated modern technology and should be intensely developed.

    There are more than 20 features of foam concrete that have actually been uncovered thus far, and a lot of its applications are still in civil applications. Amongst them, the most encouraging one in the future will be its usage in building sound absorption and insulation. The author forecasts that it will certainly end up being the new sound-absorbing material with the most growth possibility. Additionally, it has wide application prospects in the fields of fire-resistant insulation, filtering, impermeability and waterproofing, and light-weight decorative products. As the numerous functions of foam concrete are found, its application as a functional material will be very distinctive.

    The application of pet protein lathering agents in foam concrete

    In the preparation process of foam concrete, an animal protein frothing agent is mixed with water and cationic surfactant and lathered with a foaming representative maker or high-speed mixer. These foams are after that infused into a cement slurry and stirred to prepare a foamed cement slurry. The advantage of this preparation approach is that the cast-in-place concrete it generates is not only light-weight, high-strength, and fire-resistant but additionally does not call for autoclaved healing and can be created by casting in place, which has significant energy-saving results.

    The application of animal healthy protein frothing agents plays a vital function in improving the performance of foam concrete. Initially, it assists boost the quantity of concrete and reduce its density, thus attaining a light-weight effect. Second of all, making use of lathering representatives can improve the thermal insulation efficiency of concrete and boost the energy effectiveness of buildings. Furthermore, animal protein foaming agents can likewise boost the strength and resilience of concrete and extend the life span of buildings.

    (animal protein foaming agent)

    Nonetheless, the application of animal protein foaming agents likewise needs attention to some issues. As an example, different sorts of animal healthy protein lathering representatives may have different impacts on the performance of concrete, so it is needed to select the suitable frothing representative according to the particular application circumstance. In addition, the amount of frothing agent also requires to be purely managed. Way too much or too little may impact the high quality and efficiency of the concrete.



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