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TRUNNANO(Luoyang Tongrun) will participate in the WORLD OF CONCRETE ASIA 2024

From August 14th to 16th, the Globe OF CONCRETE ASIA 2024 (WOCA) will certainly be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, China. Luoyang Tongrun Details Technology Co., Ltd will take part in the event( Booth Number: E1C01). The product will certainly cover a selection of applications, such as concrete foaming agents, polycarboxylate superplasticizers, and instantaneous salt silicate powder, in order to discover more organization chances with brand-new and old customers.

(TRUNNANO Booth Number: E1C01)

1 . Company Fundamental Info

Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd is one of the exhibitors of this exhibit. It is an extensive commercial firm integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. The primary products are cement lathering agents, polycarboxylate superplasticizers, water-based mould-releasing representatives, self-insulating block admixtures, and light-weight wall surface panel admixtures. TRUNNANO Technology is the resource manufacturer of additives for the environment-friendly building energy-saving market.

Luoyang Tongrun Nano Innovation Co., Ltd. has 35 staff members. Via the constant advancement of brand-new technologies and items, it has actually efficiently requested nine licenses. In 2018, it was called a “state-of-the-art business.”

( TRUNNANO(Luoyang Tongrun) Logo)

2 . Company Basic Information

Item A: Concrete frothing representative

Concrete frothing agent is an additive that can lower the surface area stress of liquid, generate a great deal of uniform and steady foams, and be made use of to produce foamed concrete. TRUNNANO lightweight concrete group has actually launched four series of high-performance foaming representatives (TR-A, TR-B, TRC, TR-D) that, combined with 14 years of experience in the sector, according to the different needs of the marketplace, can satisfy various building and construction demands.

Concrete frothing agent is commonly made use of in lightweight dividing boards, CLC blocks, backfill, and so on

( TRUNNANO Concrete Foaming Agent)

Item B: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

Superplasticizer is a concrete admixture that can minimize the water usage of blending under the condition of preserving the slump of concrete unchanged. Superplasticizer has a distributing effect on concrete fragments, which can enhance its working efficiency, reduce the water consumption per unit, improve the fluidness of concrete mix, or decrease the quantity of concrete per unit, conserving cement. TRUNNANO superplasticizer is modified on its original procedure to make sure that it can be well used in foamed cement without defoaming.

( TRUNNANO Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer)

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer is a cement dispersant made use of in cement concrete. It is commonly made use of in freeways, bridges, dams, passages, high-rise buildings and other tasks.

Product C: Instantaneous Salt Silicate Powder

Instantaneous sodium silicate is a white powdery product that can be dissolved in water swiftly. It is a special type of bubbly alkali with the attributes of chilly resistance, homogeneity, and extremely convenient usage, transportation, and storage. Immediate sodium silicate is primarily used in refractory sintering representatives, washing auxiliary agents, soil conditioners, ore dressing inhibitors, acid-resistant concrete ingredients, chemical grouting supporting agents, water therapy, and other fields.

( TRUNNANO Instant Sodium Silicate Powder)

Immediate salt silicate is primarily utilized as a detergent aid in artificial cleaning agents, a quick-drying and strengthening representative for cement, a drill cuttings deposition representative for silicon-based exploration fluids, and an anti-expansion representative for mud shale

Item D: Fluid Lithium Silicate

Fluid lithium silicate is an anemic and transparent water-soluble substance with outstanding solubility and can be promptly and uniformly distributed in water. Fluid lithium silicate has good chilly resistance and stability.

( TRUNNANO Liquid Lithium Silicate)

Liquid lithium silicate can be made use of to prepare special glasses and ceramics, which can enhance the heat resistance and mechanical strength of items; fluid lithium silicate can be utilized as a resources for advanced corrosion-resistant finishes and sealing materials in the structure products industry; liquid silicic acid As one of the electrolyte components, lithium is utilized in the battery manufacturing market to aid boost the energy density and cycle security of lithium-ion batteries; as a catalyst or stimulant service provider, it promotes the effective conduct of certain chain reaction.

Item E: Instantaneous Potassium Silicate Powder & Liquid Potassium Silicate

Instant potassium silicate powder and liquid potassium silicate are highly efficient and multi-functional chemical products with outstanding water solubility and wide range of industrial applications. The powder type is white, soluble and very easy to lug, giving a steady solution for refractory products, metal anti-corrosion and agricultural renovation; while the fluid form reveals higher versatility and environmental protection in the fields of concrete strengthening, water treatment and steel processing.

( TRUNNANO Instant Potassium Silicate Powder)

Potassium silicate is widely made use of in welding rod manufacturing, welding electrodes, glass market to boost product performance, anti-corrosion finishings, casting and farming soil improvement to boost crop resistance and top quality.

For more information, please visit: ( .

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    What is Cu clip package? copper earthing clip

    Power chips are attached to external circuits through packaging, and their efficiency relies on the assistance of the product packaging. In high-power situations, power chips are typically packaged as power components. Chip interconnection describes the electrical connection on the top surface of the chip, which is generally aluminum bonding cable in standard components. ^
    Traditional power component package cross-section

    Today, industrial silicon carbide power modules still primarily make use of the packaging innovation of this wire-bonded standard silicon IGBT component. They face issues such as big high-frequency parasitic specifications, insufficient warmth dissipation capacity, low-temperature resistance, and insufficient insulation strength, which restrict the use of silicon carbide semiconductors. The display screen of excellent performance. In order to solve these problems and totally exploit the substantial possible advantages of silicon carbide chips, several brand-new packaging technologies and solutions for silicon carbide power components have actually emerged recently.

    Silicon carbide power component bonding method

    (Figure (a) Wire bonding and (b) Cu Clip power module structure diagram (left) copper wire and (right) copper strip connection process)

    Bonding products have developed from gold cord bonding in 2001 to aluminum cable (tape) bonding in 2006, copper cable bonding in 2011, and Cu Clip bonding in 2016. Low-power devices have actually developed from gold cables to copper cords, and the driving pressure is expense decrease; high-power devices have actually developed from aluminum wires (strips) to Cu Clips, and the driving pressure is to boost product efficiency. The higher the power, the greater the requirements.

    Cu Clip is copper strip, copper sheet. Clip Bond, or strip bonding, is a packaging process that uses a solid copper bridge soldered to solder to link chips and pins. Compared with standard bonding product packaging approaches, Cu Clip technology has the adhering to benefits:

    1. The link in between the chip and the pins is constructed from copper sheets, which, to a certain level, replaces the conventional cable bonding method in between the chip and the pins. For that reason, an unique plan resistance value, greater existing flow, and much better thermal conductivity can be acquired.

    2. The lead pin welding area does not need to be silver-plated, which can fully conserve the expense of silver plating and bad silver plating.

    3. The item appearance is completely regular with typical items and is mostly used in web servers, portable computers, batteries/drives, graphics cards, motors, power supplies, and various other areas.

    Cu Clip has two bonding techniques.

    All copper sheet bonding technique

    Both the Gate pad and the Resource pad are clip-based. This bonding method is more expensive and intricate, yet it can attain far better Rdson and better thermal effects.

    ( copper strip)

    Copper sheet plus wire bonding approach

    The source pad uses a Clip method, and the Gate makes use of a Cable technique. This bonding method is slightly more affordable than the all-copper bonding method, conserving wafer area (suitable to extremely tiny entrance areas). The process is easier than the all-copper bonding technique and can obtain better Rdson and far better thermal impact.

    Vendor of Copper Strip

    TRUNNANO is a supplier of surfactant with over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are finding copper earthing clip, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry.

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      Betaine surfactants sodium laureth sulfate

      Betaine surfactants

      It is produced by the response of fatty tertiary amines and sodium chloroacetate, consisting of cocoylpropyl betaine, dodecyl betaine, cetyl betaine, and lauroyl propyl betaine. It is milder than the very first 3 and is presently the primary surfactant in infant hair shampoo.

      In 1940, the American DuPont Firm designed and applied this sort of substance. Like amino acid surfactants, this sort of surfactant has solid detergency and low inflammation, and the service is weakly acidic. Pet experiments have actually shown that this type of substance is much less harmful. It is an ideal surfactant.

      ( surfactants in shampoos)

      Amino acid surfactants

      Made from a combination of coconut oil and amino acids, it is risk-free, gentle, and non-irritating. The most essential thing is that it is normally weakly acidic and satisfies the pH requirements of healthy and balanced skin and hair. It is the suitable surfactant in baby hair shampoo. They are “cocoyl glycine,” “cocoyl glutamate disodium,” and so on

      From the point of view of chemical residential properties, its pH worth is between 5.5 and 6.5, which is weakly acidic and near to the pH worth of human skin. Thus, it is mild and skin-friendly and ideal for all hair types; amino acid surfactants are zwitterionic and easily soluble in water. It is simple to rinse tidy.

      Yet it likewise has restrictions. Amino acid surfactants are numerous to loads of times extra pricey than average surfactants, and a lot of are shampoos specifically created babies and young kids. The disadvantages of amino acid surfactants are that they are not abundant in foam and have weak decontamination ability.

      The phenomenon of solidification and turbidity of surfactants in winter is mainly because of the reduced temperature level causing a few of its parts to crystallize or speed up.

      (surfactants in shampoos)

      Suppose surfactant solidifies and comes to be turbid in winter months?

      This is a physical sensation and does not have a considerable influence on the effectiveness of surfactants. In order to fix this problem, the complying with techniques can be taken:

      1. Increase the temperature: Position the surfactant in a warm atmosphere or enhance its temperature by heating to ensure that the taken shape or precipitated components will slowly dissolve and the surfactant will go back to a clear state. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the temperature needs to be prevented when heating to prevent affecting the surfactant’s efficiency.

      2. Stirring: For surfactants that have solidified or ended up being turbid, they can be restored to a consistent state by mixing. Stirring can assist taken shape or precipitated components redisperse into the fluid and boost surfactant clarity.

      3. Add solvent: In many cases, a suitable amount of solvent can be contributed to weaken the surfactant, consequently boosting its coagulation and turbidity. Nevertheless, the added solvent need to be compatible with the surfactant and should not influence its use effect.

      Supplier of Surfactant

      TRUNNANO is a supplier of surfactant with over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are looking for high-quality sodium laureth sulfate, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry.

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