The uses of sodium gluconate in various industries

Sodium gluconate is an organic substance that is widely used in industry and food industries. It is mainly used as a food additive and as a highly efficient chelating agent, steel surface cleaning agent, and glass bottle in construction, textile printing and dyeing, metal surface treatment, and water treatment. Cleaning agent, electroplating industrial aluminum oxygen coloring, used as high-efficiency retarder, high-efficiency water-reducing agent in the concrete industry.

  1. In concrete applications, sodium gluconate can prolong the setting time of concrete, decrease the slump of concrete and its loss over time, and improve the strength of concrete. It can be used in pumped concrete, large fluidity concrete, large volume concrete, and high-strength performance concrete. Specific applications are as follows:

1) using sodium gluconate can reduce the water-cement ratio, thereby improving the strength of concrete. This is a high quality concrete.

2) Large and heavy pouring projects take a lot of work to construct. Because of the addition of sodium gluconate, the workability of concrete is improved and the setting time is delayed, which can avoid the occurrence of contact surfaces on the structure, and as a result, the structural strength can be increased.

3) It is of great significance to keep the water-cement ratio unchanged and improve the processability in high-temperature areas. Large amounts of sodium gluconate are used in bridge construction in the Middle East.

4) Including salt gluconate in the concrete mix can delay the setting time, which is necessary for long-lasting and hard putting.

5) In the modern concrete industry, ready-mixed concrete is prepared at a central location and then transported by mixer trucks. In this case, increasing workability and initial setting time is important.

6) Reducing the w/c ratio can produce stronger and more durable concrete. Sodium gluconate can achieve this purpose. This is very significant for high-strength reinforced concrete.

7) Precast mortar for stonework should be made use of for a very long time. Including sodium gluconate can expand the working time.

8) The oil well irrigation mud temperature is high and the operation is difficult. After adding sodium gluconate, concrete can work at 170‚ĄÉ for several hours.

  1. Sodium gluconate is a new type of functional flavoring seasoning in the food industry. It can give food a sour taste, act as a food PH regulator and stabilizer, improve flavor, prevent protein denaturation, mask undesirable bitterness and astringency, and replace salt to prepare low-sodium and sodium-free foods.

The shared taste and unique functions of sodium gluconate and potassium gluconate have greater advantages than other organic acids. Organic acids such as sodium malate, sodium citrate, and sodium lactate are used in food processing for pH seasoning, improving flavor, etc. However, these organic hydrochloric acids have low flavor and affect the taste and quality of food. Sodium gluconate and potassium gluconate are used as pH buffers in food processing, which can enable the beverage to complete the sterilization process at pH 4, sterilization temperature 65¬įC, and 10 minutes without affecting the taste. It is difficult for other organic acid salts to meet this requirement. When used together, sodium gluconate and aspartame can achieve the same taste as sugar. Sodium gluconate can significantly or mask the odor of soy protein, fish, and trace metal elements such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, especially the unique bitter taste of magnesium.

The salt taste of sodium gluconate is close to that of table salt, and its threshold value is 5 times that of table salt, 2.6 times that of sodium malate, and 16.3 times that of sodium lactate. The amount used in food processing is much less than other sodium salts, such as sodium malate. In addition, sodium gluconate is non-irritating and has no bitter taste and has excellent taste. It can be used to adjust pH to improve food taste and properties, making it an excellent organic compound‚ÄĒacid sodium salt.

Reduced salt bread or salt-free bread can be made by replacing 100% table salt with sodium gluconate. Sodium gluconate can also be used in food processing instead of salt to improve properties, adjust fermentation, and provide various functions such as food preservation and dehydration.

  1. As a corrosion inhibitor, the corrosion inhibition rate of sodium gluconate increases as the temperature rises, while most other corrosion inhibitors decrease or fail as the temperature rises. For corrosion inhibition of carbon steel and other materials, when the temperature increases from 21¬įC to 49¬įC, the corrosion inhibition rate increases by more than 5%.
  2. As a scale inhibitor, sodium gluconate has an extremely strong antiscaling ability. Because it has a strong complexing ability for Ca, Mg, Fe, etc., especially for iron ions, it can be used almost everywhere. It works within the pH range.
  3. Sodium gluconate has broad spectrum and coordinated effects. It is suitable for molybdenum series formulas, silicon, phosphorus, boron, tungsten, nitrite and other series formulas, and organic carboxylic acid formulas.
  4. Sodium gluconate is used as an electroplating additive in the electroplating industry. It can be operated at higher temperatures and can be directly plated with a bright gold coating without polishing and chromium plating. It has good rust removal performance.

  1. In the development industry, adding an appropriate amount of sodium gluconate to the developer will make the image clear and stain-free.
  2. Sodium gluconate is a good stabilizer in the field of water quality treatment.
  3. Sodium gluconate has good cleaning effect and outstanding advantages in the field of glass bottle washing. It is a good cleaning agent.
  4. Sodium gluconate can regulate the acid-base balance in the human body in the medical industry. Sodium plays a key role in maintaining extracellular osmotic pressure and capacity, exerting normal neuromuscular functions, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of hyponatremia syndrome.


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