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Pourquoi devons-nous faire le nettoyage quotidien des roulements SKF?

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En raison du mouvement relatif des roulements et des chemins de roulement SKF et de l'intrusion de poussières polluantes, les surfaces des roulements et des chemins de roulement SKF sont usées. Lorsque le degré d'usure est élevé, les roulements SKF, le bruit et les vibrations augmentent, ce qui réduit la précision de fonctionnement des roulements SKF, ce qui affecte directement la précision de certains hôtes. Par conséquent, pour certains roulements SKF utilisés dans des machines silencieuses, le nettoyage quotidien vise principalement à empêcher l'intrusion de polluants et de poussières. SKF 32208J2/Q  roulements en ligne, veuillez cliquer ici.

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Molybdenum boride

Molybdenum boride, the molecular formula is H12B2Mo, and the molecular weight is 129.6573. It is an inorganic chemical raw material. It should be sealed in a cool and dry place when stored. It can be synthesized by reduction method: boron oxide and molybdenum oxide are obtained by reducing at high temperature in the presence of carbon. It can also be made by heating element boron and molybdenum directly. This substance is used as an additive for tungsten, aluminum, and tantalum alloys for electronics. It can also be used to manufacture wear-resistant films and semiconductor film spraying materials.Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd provide high purity molybdenum boride materials.

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Tapered Roller Bearings

 Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd is a modern high-tech professional high quality roller bearings manufacturer, specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service .In order to make WSBC bearing keeping up with the world, we invested in lots of advanced CNC equipments and the complete set of precision inspection devices , devote to building high quality employee team and brought in advanced technique of manufacturing and management .We have strictly quality control and environment protection .Our bearings are mainly supplied to OEM customers in many industries , such as mining , petroleum , chemical ,coal, cement , heavy machinery ,wind power , engineering machinery and other industries.Meanwhile,our complete supply chain makes it possible to supply customer almost full range of standard and nonstandard customized bearings.Our professional engineering and sales team are willing to take good care of every customer’s requirement and provide cost effective solutions, let customer enjoy one-stop service .WSBC team has always been adhering to the principle of“integrity-based, quality first,customer foremost”. We are ready to use our sincerity to serve every globle customers for long-term and win-win cooperation .


FAG bearings
<a href="">FAG bearings</a>
ERIC BEARING LIMITED provide high quality original FAG bearings, specilized in exporting several years, there are lots of regular customers from American and Europe.The FAG bearings was inspired by Friedrich Fischer, who is a genius, the great inventor. In 1883, from the small town of Schweinfurt, Germany, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinder for the first time to make a complete spherical Steel balls become possible.